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The CSC Story . . .

46 years ago, a white VW Beetle set out from Santa Cruz, driven by D.K. Kim. He carried a sample case with seven imported frame styles. His $13 a day budget included $3.80 to fill the gas tank, $6.50 for a motel and $2.75 for food and everything else.

"If I made phone calls, I didn't eat, " he recalls with a smile. "It was about 145 degrees in the car. To keep my spirits up, I sang as loud as I could. At first, I think the dispensers used my products out of sympathy."

At that time, CSC was a one-man show. "D.K." handled sales, invoicing, packing and shipping. "Every time I signed up a hundred accounts, I hired a new sales rep." His relentless drive paid off. Traveling 80,000 miles a year, he soon had 1600 accounts in 12 western states.

On such persistence, the American Dream is founded. And today, CSC's complex of offices, prescription lens manufacturing facilities and frame warehouse is not onlythe 2nd largest independent lab in the nation, but also of the most efficient in the country.

They have 7000 customers in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim. A 100% American owned and financed company, it employs 300 people. And D.K. Kim's dedication to hard work, service and quality permeates the entire operation.

And now they have much more to sell than frames. Because CSC has followed a path that has made it a unique success story in the eyewear industry.

The Lens Connection

In 1976, the Bicentennial year, "D.K." decided there was a better way of serving the dispenser. Proving to be ahead of its time, CSC added a lens laboratory. So they could offer customers a complete package of top-quality frames and lenses, completed in an average of one day (for plastic), at an unbeatable price.

With the growing pressure on dispensers from in-house laboratories, this approach is just what the doctor ordered. The 1000 daily orders account for half of CSC's sales.

The fast turnaround is made possible by three main factors. One of the largest frame inventories west of the Mississippi (hand-picked from twenty of the world's leading manufacturers — mainly European). State-of-the-art lens manufacturing facilities with a loyal, highly trained staff. And a computerized and robotic operation running the gamut from customer service and order tracking to production and final delivery system.

Rx Express Unlimited

The New Way to Buy Eyewear! That's our name for this complete service of top-quality frames and lenses, fully guaranteed, with remarkably low prices. So low that dispensers can mark them up four to five times and still beat the competition.

If you'd like to get more competitive overnight, call one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-288-2721. You'll find it's a lot easier than driving a Beetle across the Mojave desert.