Intellect™ Free-Form Lenses

Features and Benefits of Free-Form Technology

  • Highly sophisticated, mathematically calculated design together with numerically controlled machines to acheive unparalleled curve accuracy.
  • 10x more accurate than conventional lens designs.
  • Eliminates front curve distortion.
  • Significantly minimizes peripheral distortion.
  • Customized design based upon any frame size & shape.
  • Smooth gradation of power, gentle binocular balance design, and better near vision performance.
  • Better definition and clarity with a wider field of vision.
  • A/R coating eliminates reflections & improves acuity.
  • Highest level of customization (personalized lens).

With the Intellect Free-Form™ lens you will provide your patients the most Advanced Technology in high definition and digitally contoured back-side progressive lenses, giving patients the best possible progressive lens design available in today’s market.

Downloads for Free-Form Technology

Progressive Lens Identifier 2007(PDF)
Intellect™ Materials Availability Chart (PDF)
Intellect™ Power Availability Chart (PDF)