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Intellect™ II HD Free-Form Lenses


Benefits of the Universal Design - VSP Approved

  • Highly sophisticated, mathematically calculated design together with numerically controlled machines to acheive unparalleled curve accuracy.
  • 10x more accurate than conventional lens designs.
  • Eliminates front curve distortion.
  • Personalized progressive lens with panoramic clarity in the distance zone.
  • Offers a panoramic far visual field with freedom for lateral movements of the eyes.
  • At both sides of the pupil position we find wide and clear visual zones for improved outdoor experience.
  • Wearers will take advantage of a stable near visual area allowing all activities at this distance.
  • A/R coating eliminates reflections & improves acuity.
  • Comfortable even in extremely wrapped frames.

Benefits of the Everyday Design - VSP Approved

  • Ideal as a daily all-purpose progressive lens.
  • Ideal solution for users with demanding requirements for large visual fields at any distance.
  • Assured clear vision and best quality.
  • Provides stable and generous areas for distance and near vision.
  • Smooth gradation of power, gentle binocular balance design.
  • Special parameter measurements are not required.
  • Manufactured using the most advanced technology with the progressive surface cut on the back, rather than the front side.

With the Intellect II HD Free-Form™ lens you will provide your patients the most Advanced Technology in high definition and digitally contoured back-side progressive lenses, giving patients the best possible progressive lens design available in today’s market.