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AR Coating

In keeping with its commitment to serve as a one-stop shop for eyecare professionals, CSC has recently expanded its capabilities to include an 2,500 square-foot anti-reflective (AR) coating facility. AR coatings, or anti-reflective coatings, are applied to the front and back of lens surfaces to reduce glare, thereby improving vision and the cosmetic appearance of glasses. Each layer of the coating is mathematically calculated to block reflected light, which not only reduces glare, but also reflections and halos around lights. CSC’s coating lab uses some of the most advanced coating technologies available today, including Crizal®, Crizal Alize®, Magnum StradaR®, and Magnum®.  CSC has also hired a staff of trained professionals for the AR coating lab who are dedicated to producing these premium lens coatings.


Proven Benefits of Crizal lenses

  • Prevents the reflections that cause eyestrain and fatigue
  • Creates Clear vision by helping light enter your eye
  • Provides unbeatable two-sided scratch resistance

Latest innovation in Crizal lens technology

  • Incredibly easy to clean - greater smudge and dirt resistance
  • Scratching is reduced because lenses require less cleaning

What does it mean to a patient?

  • Better Perception & Less Strain - Anti-Reflective
  • Clearer Vision - More Light Transmission
  • Better Appearance - No Lens Reflections
  • Last Longer - More Abrasion Resistance

In-House Super-Hard AR Coating

  • Abrasion Resistance means better quality lenses for your patients
  • High-Quality Super-Hard AR Coating at competitive prices