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News & Press Releases

CSC Ranked #2 in the USA - Vision Monday
October 2011

To rank the Top Labs, Vision Monday choses only wholesale labs whose primary business is processing spectacle lenses. Labs operated by optical retail chains were not included in the group. Rankings were determined primarily on the basis of 2011 estimated Rx sales volume, with the number of Rx jobs processed per day serving as a secondary criterion.
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CSC Announces the Intellect™ Free-Form Progressive Lens
January 2010

Intellect™ Free-Form progressive lens was developed by a team of scientists in Spain over the last twelve years, in alliance with Centro Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas and Instituto Biomecánica de Valencia both highly renowned institutions in Europe. CSC Labs is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Intellect™ Free-Form in the US.
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RX Express Unlimited Offers NEXT DAY LAB SERVICE December 2009

The Rx Express Unlimited™ program is designed to improve your complete Rx (frame & lens) lab turn-around-time (Next Day Lab Service), improve your profitability and will also eliminate "frame-to-come" related problems. A one-time purchase buyout at a 50% discount with extended payment terms is available! Browse the frame styles and terms by clicking here: Link to article.

CSC Ranked #4 Lab in the USA - Vision Monday November 2008

Vision Monday announced the names of its 2008 Top Labs at a party Friday night during the Optical Laboratories Association’s annual meeting in Nashville.
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Downloadable Forms Available Online June 2005

You can now download the sign-up forms for our on-line frame order system to fax back to us.  Also we have our RX forms available to download for printing! 
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CSC Celebrates its First Anniversary at its High-tech 53,000 Square-foot Optical Facility in Northern CaliforniaFebruary 2005

Continental Sales Company of America, Inc. is celebrating its one-year anniversary at its state-of-the-art optical laboratory at Westgate Drive facility Watsonville, California. Launched in 1967, CSC began as a small operation started by D.K. Kim and is now one of the largest national optical labs in the country.

CSC invested over $10 million in the new facility and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the new computerized production lab, which has evolved into a one-stop shop servicing all the needs of optical professionals.

CSC’s Virtual Lab Provides Eyecare Professionals the Convenience of Ordering OnlineFebruary 2005

CSC now offers customers two online ordering systems on their website ( Optical professional can place prescription orders and track them through the CSC Virtual Lab 24x7. In addition, CSC also offers a separate online system for ordering frames or stock lenses. Both systems will save customers time and increase the efficiency of order processing.

New In-house AR Coating Facility at CSC Labs.

Recently, CSC has expanded it capabilities, adding equipment that applies anti-reflective (AR) coating to lenses which cuts down on glare, improving vision and appearance. CSC has dedicated 2,500 square feet to the AR coating lab, which produces premium coatings including Crizal®, Crizal Alize®, Millenia AR®, and Endura®.  CSC has also hired a staff of  professionals for the AR coating facility who are dedicated to producing the highest quality lens coating for its customers.

TotalView, CSC’s New Progressive Lenses, Receives Rave Reviews

CSC’s proprietary new lens technology—TotalView—is uniquely suited to patients with high prescriptions who require vision correction for near, far and reading zones. Flatter, thinner, and lighter than traditional lenses, TotalView lenses have wide appeal for wearers of bifocal, trifocal and multifocal lenses.TotalView lenses allow the wearer to see through the entire lens, without peripheral distortion.

TotalView lens technology applies advanced mathematics to provide maxim visual comfort and minimal distortion for near, intermediate, and distance zones. The lens gives new presbyopes a wide intermediate corridor and clear distance so that they can adapt easily. Bifocal wearers also get a large, accessible near vision zone and a wide, clear distance vision zone. All this at reasonable cost to our customers.